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Fine Art Maternity


Discover the Essence of Fine Art Maternity at Mon Soleil


At Mon Soleil, we’ve perfected the art of capturing the purest moments in the most elegant way. Our Fine Art Maternity Studio in Toronto is a testament to our unwavering belief in the magic of simplicity, where each image we create tells a timeless story.

Our Approach: Simple & Elegant Maternity Portraits

We take pride in the simplicity of each moment, focusing on your unique journey without unnecessary distractions. Our approach is minimalist, steering clear of props that may detract from the genuine essence of your maternity experience.

In our Fine Art Maternity Studio, we cherish the power of connection. Rather than relying on distracting elements, we use the gentle embrace of parents’ hands to showcase the delicate beauty of your pregnancy. Our choice of light, neutral tones, and soft textures adds depth to your images, all while ensuring that the spotlight remains on you and the life growing within you. The outcome is a collection of modern, timeless maternity portraits that you’ll be eager to display in your home.

The Ideal Timing for Your Maternity Session

Our maternity sessions are a carefully curated experience, with a typical duration of 1.5 to 2 hours. We specifically design these sessions for expectant mothers under 4 weeks away from welcoming their little one into the world. The sweet spot for these sessions is usually under 2 weeks before your due date. During this period, your baby bump is at its most radiant, and you’re at your most comfortable and flexible. This unique timeframe allows the session to flow seamlessly and offers a wider variety of poses. It’s during this precious period that you radiate a fresh, unique, and utterly new look, which we’re here to capture.

Your Fine Art Maternity Studio in North York, Toronto

Our cozy home studio is nestled in North York, Toronto, and it’s where your Fine Art Maternity experience begins. Weekend sessions start around 10:00 a.m., offering convenience and flexibility. We understand that weekdays might work better for your schedule, and we’re happy to accommodate your needs, based on our limited availability.

At Mon Soleil, we’re dedicated to turning your maternity journey into a work of art. Your moments, your radiance, our artistry – it’s all about you at Mon Soleil.

Unlock the timeless beauty of your maternity journey with Fine Art Maternity at Mon Soleil.

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