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Hi, I’m Minh!

I wanted to start by expressing my heartfelt thanks for your interest in collaborating with me. I’m Minh, and I originally hail from Hanoi, Vietnam, but these days, I call Toronto, Canada, my home.

Growing up, I was surrounded by art and photography. My grandparent was a well-known artist and my dad was into photography. I spent a lot of my childhood watching my dad make films in a dark room, and as a result, cameras and film became a natural part of my life. When I went to university, I picked up a camera and started experimenting with photography.

My love for photography continued to grow as I had the opportunity to travel the world and explore the beauty of different cultures. I discovered that I had a talent for capturing the everyday moments of people in a delicate way that made their personalities shine.

What I love most about photography is the freedom it grants me to let my creativity flow. It’s the ability to seize those genuine connections, boost people’s self-esteem, and craft stunning visuals. It’s genuinely fulfilling. Before embarking on this photographic journey, I held the prestigious CFA charter and worked as a strategy consultant. You might wonder why I made the switch. Well, beyond all the creative aspects, this profession brings an incredible sense of joy and warmth to my heart.

A few interesting tidbits about me: I identify as an INFJ, I’m an avid reader, and I have a soft spot for coffee, books, and all things cozy.


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Photography Philosophy

Photography, to me, is not just about clicking a shutter; it’s a profound way to tell stories, express emotions, and create lasting memories. My journey into photography was not a predestined path; it unfolded from a personal story that transformed the way I perceive the world.

When it comes to my photography style, I’d describe it as timeless, candid, artistic, and intimate. When you choose to work with me, you’re not just another client; you’re in for a tailored, creatively immersive experience.

I am all about making it special for you, without adhering to rigid guidelines or predefined poses. I invite you to take a look at my portfolio to get a sense of my creative perspective, and it would truly be an honor to work with you.

Here at Mon Soleil Photography, I specialise entirely on baby, maternity, cake smash, and family photography and Fine Art Portrait

I have a home studio in 31 Tippett Road, North York, Toronto , which is easy to reach from GTA region.

Address: 31 Tippett Road, Toronto, Canada. M3H0C8 

Business Email : admin@monsoleil.ca


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