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Fine Art Portrait

Maternity | Newborn | Family

Fine Art Portrait

Maternity | Newborn | Family

Fine Art Portrait

Maternity | Newborn | Family



Welcome to Mon Soleil Baby Photography!

Hi, I’m Minh! I’m so excited that you’re here. I’m a lover of all things cozy – from sipping on a warm cup of coffee to curling up with a good book. Photography, crochet, and exploring new places are just a few of my passions.

I specialize in helping parents create a cherished legacy of love for their children through soulful images adorned with tender details and the softest of lights. My mission is simple: I want your children to always remember the depth of your love for them..

When you choose to book a newborn or baby photography session with me, I will expertly guide you into these heartwarming moments that allow for genuine, soulful family connections. What you’ll take away from our time together is more than just baby photos; it’s timeless artwork that will serve as a lasting reminder for generations to come.

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Images to treasure beyond our lifetime


This is a stress-free experience where you just need to show up.


Forget about choosing outfits for your newborn or maternity session, skip the hassle of scheduling hair and makeup appointments, and leave the research on photo printing services to me. I’ll handle everything, from the moment you book your session to the point when beautiful art prints of your family grace your walls.

Mon Soleil is your One-stop-shop for all of your baby photography needs.

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Unlock the Secret to Stunning White Studio Photography: Master the Art of Newborn and Baby Photography with Our Professional Presets and Courses

Are you an aspiring photographer struggling to capture the perfect shots in a white studio setting?
Do you find yourself spending countless hours editing photos, only to end up with inconsistent results and colors?
It’s time to transform your photography skills and streamline your workflow with our expertly crafted presets and comprehensive courses, designed specifically for newborn and baby photography.
Discover the secrets to capturing the innocence and beauty of your little subjects with the perfect balance of light, shadows, and textures. Our presets will help you achieve that clean, cohesive, and dreamy look that sets your work apart from the rest.
With our easy-to-use presets, you’ll spend less time editing and more time doing what you love – creating magical memories for families.
Don’t let the challenges of white studio photography hold you back any longer. Unlock your full potential and create breathtaking images that capture the pure essence of newborns and babies.

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